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On 23.11.2021 | 20 Uhr we played with Stadtgespräch unster first concert since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

 The livestream from the Alte Pfandhaus Cologne is still available on YouTube.

About us

String quartet. Piano. Trumpet. Percussion. Bass: Stadtgespräch!


The Cologne ensemble Stadtgespräch consists of eight young musicians, some of whom are rooted in classical music, others in jazz. The two different poles, a classical string quartet and a jazz quartet, are artistic challenge and distinctive feature at the same time. The music attempts to combine, juxtapose and blend these poles. On its musical journey, the ensemble creates innovative and interesting timbres and tells its very own stories with a mixture of romantic composition and groovy jazz. The music is not exclusively aimed at jazz lovers, but at all those who are carried away by varied grooves and exciting harmonies.The band is the winner of the jazz scholarship jazz@undesigned2016 of the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation and released their first album Fluid in 2017.

Reviews of the album can be found at the following links:


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Stadtgespräch was 2016 winner of the  competition jazz@undesigned2016.

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